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Venture & Dungeon is a book of two tabletop roleplaying games inspired by traditional high fantasy rpgs like Dungeons & Dragons. 

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There are community copies available at the bottom of the page for those who cannot afford the PDF. If you'd like to donate additional community copies,  one will be added to the pool for every extra $9 added to your purchase.

Venture by Riley Rethal is a game of introspective heroic fantasy.

Venture gives us magic-filled forests and looming castles, champions in shining armor and vagabonds with dazzling charm, markets of ill-repute and duplicitous authorities, and uncaring gods high above always asking, “What do you do next?”

In Venture, we will play as a group of adventurers traveling through a fantasy world, making their way across the terrain while learning about themselves and each other. They will meet townspeople with storied cultures, criminals with shady agendas, mages with esoteric power, and a strange darkness encroaching on the horizon.

Dungeon by Jay Dragon is a game about teens playing games of their own.

Dungeon gives us trap-riddled school hallways, dragons in the boiler room, the endless grid of suburbia, doodles of monsters in the margins of planners, and a grinning game master always asking, “What do you do next?”

In Dungeon, we will play as a group of teenagers on the verge of the greatest danger of their lives, whether that danger is the vast dungeon they explore once a week, or the existential terror of high school. They’ll need to confront mocking skeletons, surveilling monstrosities, bloodsucking bullies, and (of course) the dragon atop its throne of gold. And all they’ll have is an old and battered sourcebook, and each other.


  • Riley & Jay discuss Venture & Dungeon on Game Closet, listen here.
  • Riley guests on All My Fantasy Children to create a town using a Venture setting element, listen here.
  • Riley guests on Follow the Leader to play a game of Venture over 2 arcs, listen here and here.
  • Roll+Bond streamed a game of Venture, watch here.


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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Hi! I bought the book at a store in Germany and now I wanted to ask if there are any sheets available for printing, like playbooks and so on? Or is there a possibility to get the PDF itself additionally? Thanks in advance. 🙂


Despite appearances, the only thing that brings these two games together in one collection is the fact that they use the Belonging Outside Belonging system (in a very classic way, by the way, which surprised me a bit) and that they are about fantasy. Venture is a bit of a BoB equivalent of Dungeon World, meaning that it looks like an excellent game for epic and slightly introspective adventures in a very classic fantasy world; a nice achievement that might become my reference game for such atmospheres, if I ever come back to it. Dungeon promises something more ambitious: playing teenagers who themselves play a fantasy RPG, taking advantage of it to vent their problems and express their desires. The pitch is incredible and, as you might expect, the result is not quite there: while the roguelike universe is very well transcribed, there is absolutely nothing to embody these teenagers in their daily life (some booklets even have only moves dedicated to their RPG characters!), whereas the heart of the game was, for me, there. One out of two successful games is not bad, and Venture/Dungeon has the potential to become a more conventional counterpart to Dream Askew/Dream Apart in the future.


Are there ever going to be more community copies of this game?  $20 is a lot of money on my disability and I've been checking regularly for months and months without ever seeing any available community copies.  Should I just stop checking?  I'm feeling like it's not worth spending the time checking up on this.

Thanks in advance for any reply


hey there! i went through my games recently to add more community copies & i must've totally missed this one. just added some!


Same boat. Been doing the same for Wanderhome. If you update again with community copies, please let me know as both games sound amazing!

Thank you!

Hi, I just reviewed my purchase library and realized that I paid for a hard copy of this game. How can I get my physical address to you for you to send the book to me?

hey there! you should've gotten an email from possum creek with instructions; if not, you can email main@possumcreekgames.com

I think I found the email and used a code. I got a receipt, so I think it's working. Thanks!


Any plans for a Venture & Dungeon jam? I have some ideas…..


Soooo gooood!!!


any actual play?


hey, thanks for reminding me to add those to the page! all the venture aps are now linked on the itch page, hopefully there will be some dungeon ones soon!!

Is there any update about the print edition?

I had the same problem of Shawn.

Please reach me for my current address when you're ready to ship.

I cannot tell what address you will ship my hardcover. I added the extra dollar. I'm in Canada. Please contact me for my current address


Hope everyone on this project is doing well. Any updates on progress?


I'm guessing you'll get in touch closer to the shipping date to get the addresses of folks who paid for the physical book?


oh dang did i forget to make itch automatically ask for your address? yeah, that'll happen around august, probably!


Sounds good. Thanks!


what do i do if i already bought venture when it was first posted? will i get the finished version too?


When will the Belonging outside Belonging rules be published so we can learn the core rules to play with these systems?  I'm a kickstarter backer who pledged for pdf.  but cant access it cause the link is disabled.

hi! the instructions for the game will be included in the full pdf when that's released, and the emailed link doesn't actually work because i messed up, but if you go to the actual ks update (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/5527230/venture-and-dungeon/posts/2780094) that link will work!