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Venture & Dungeon is a book of two tabletop roleplaying games inspired by traditional high fantasy rpgs like Dungeons & Dragons. It was funded on kickstarter at almost 500% of the original goal, and now you can preorder the PDF and physical book before they go out into the world in August/September. 

You can preorder the PDF for $16 or a softcover book for $25 + shipping by purchasing from the reward at the bottom of the page. US shipping is included in the price, but please keep in mind that international shipping is not. Please add the price specified in the reward description to your purchase if you live outside the US.

Right when you buy, you will receive downloads for the current playtest versions of both playkits, so you can start playing right away, as long as you have a basic understanding of the belonging outside belonging system. If not, you'll receive the full game book complete with instructions specific to Venture and Dungeon as well as all of the stretch goal content unlocked from the kickstarter when the full PDF is released.

When the book is published, we will add the option to claim one of the approximately 150 community copies that were donated over the course of the kickstarter campaign, so if you are not in the place to afford the PDF, please know that you have that option. 

If you'd like to donate additional community copies,  one will be added to the pool for every extra $9 added to your purchase.

Venture by Riley Rethal is a game of introspective heroic fantasy. You play an adventuring party of a traditional fantasy story, but framed in a way that shifts your perspective, focusing on the inner lives of the characters. 

The game is written to encourage players and characters to think about who they are, what they are doing, and why they are doing it. What does it mean to be a Cleric with a personal relationship to a deity? How does it feel to create magic out of nothing as the Wizard? Venture is a game about understanding the archetype through the character, and understanding the character beyond their archetype.

If you want to play a game of Venture using an already existent D&D character or party, you can absolutely do that, and you'll create a totally different and interesting story than you could in D&D. If you want to create new characters in Venture, the character sheets give you the prompts and space to do just that.

Dungeon by Jay Dragon is a game about recapturing the experience of enjoying traditional fantasy narratives. You play a group of young kids playing Dungeons & Dragons while grappling with the perils of high school, and how these things can intersect.

In Dungeon, the characters the kids play are tied to the feelings and experiences of the kids themselves. The magic the characters can cast are reflections of the kids' own skills and experiences, and the monsters the kids face are allegorical to the challenges they experience in day-to-day life. Like all of Jay's work, Dungeon is a queer narrative that features genders tied up in high school experiences and a flexible approach to the ever-shifting teenage identity.

Dungeon is born from Jay's memories of being a young adult and loving Dungeons & Dragons, and now grappling with a more complicated relationship with the same game. It's both a love letter to D&D and an acknowledgement of why they had to move past it.


Buy Now$16.00 USD or more

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Get a softcover copy of Venture & Dungeon, printed by Mixam. You will also receive a PDF. US shipping is included in the base price; international shipping is not. Please add $1 to your payment for Canadian shipping, and $6 for anywhere else. 


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I had the same problem of Shawn.

Please reach me for my current address when you're ready to ship.

I cannot tell what address you will ship my hardcover. I added the extra dollar. I'm in Canada. Please contact me for my current address


Hope everyone on this project is doing well. Any updates on progress?


I'm guessing you'll get in touch closer to the shipping date to get the addresses of folks who paid for the physical book?


oh dang did i forget to make itch automatically ask for your address? yeah, that'll happen around august, probably!


Sounds good. Thanks!


what do i do if i already bought venture when it was first posted? will i get the finished version too?


When will the Belonging outside Belonging rules be published so we can learn the core rules to play with these systems?  I'm a kickstarter backer who pledged for pdf.  but cant access it cause the link is disabled.

hi! the instructions for the game will be included in the full pdf when that's released, and the emailed link doesn't actually work because i messed up, but if you go to the actual ks update (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/5527230/venture-and-dungeon/posts/2780094) that link will work!