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Synthesis is a collection of mini-rpgs inspired by video essays, breaking the 4th wall, and everything else that encourages us to think about fiction in a wider context. 

It features art by Annie Johnston-Glick, Kaylee Rowena, and Serj Ketraia. 

This project was funded on kickstarter in February/March and I'm so excited to finally put it out into the world!!

Included in the zine: 

  • Post-Mortem for the Post-Modern: a game where you all play the closest living people to an author who has died, vying to get their ill-defined inheritance.
  • Post-Popcorn: a mini-game where you make up a movie by pretending you just saw it.
  • Fitting In: a game where you play dumb kids talking about things they don't understand.
  • This Game Has No Rules: a short reflection on what meta means in terms of ttrpgs.
  • All Roads Traveled: a game about seeing the journey from different perspectives.
  • Resonance & Echoes: the longest game in the zine, about a group of characters who reincarnate together.
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Authorriley rethal
Tagsmeta, zine


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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i did not receive the mail with DL Key.

Is it possible to have it?

On the print one, can the first two pages be combined do it is easily printable (I'm not selling this, just wanted my own hard copy?) Or just straight up PDFs, one "section" per page. . . .Just curious. 

If you mean to make it double-sided then yeah, that's what it's made for. If not I'm not sure what you mean, sorry.

I was trying to print it so it comes out as a zine but the first two pages are different and the print version doesn’t have the cover. Sorry. I was vague. My bad. 

Oh! Yeah okay so when I made the actual print zines, I made the covers out of the pages of old sci-fi novels and then printed out those 3 pages for the inside, so a cover would be an entirely different piece of paper, which you’re welcome to print out if you want. Does that make sense?

Yep. Just got mine and it is sweet. Alllll good.