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it's been a long time coming is a two-player game about two people with an obsessive rivalry making their last stand against each other.

it is a hack of it's been a long, long time

you will need a standard deck of cards.

CategoryPhysical game
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Authorriley rethal
Tagsduet, Two Player


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Played this with a friend of mine and we had a wonderful time! We developed a rich rivalry between two xenobiologists that hated each other's guts. We found the questions very evocative, and it was super fun that the order of the questions was randomized, leading to great moments where one question would be about the past and the next would be about the future, or one question would be about honesty and the next would be about cruelty. The ending is very open-ended and can be wrapped up however you want, but we elected for tragedy. I will always love my fail-queen. May she rest in peace.

This looks delightful, and I hope I get a chance to play it!

FYI, I noticed two errors in the PDF: 1) under To Play, it says "if one person ends up drawing a heart two turns in a row" instead of "drawing a spade", and 2) under The Confrontation, it says, "take turns answering the spacdes questions". Also, this is not exactly an error, but I noticed that the 2 and King of Diamonds are the only diamond prompts written in present tense.

thanks so much! i knew i would end up forgetting to change a heart to spade in the stuff i copied & pasted from iballt...i’ll do some edits & reupload tomorrow

Hi Riley, I'm sorry to bother you, but I see that you fixed the typo in the confrontation section, but it still says "drawing heart two turns in a row" on the previous page.

AW DAMMIT (thanks i’ll fix it tomorrow lmao)