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Is there a playdoc for galactic 2e like there is for going rogue?


i love galactitouille


galactitouille is truly the TTRPG of all time


hello! could we get a plain text version or something similar? the headers are being treated like images and it makes it difficult to search the book :) thanks!


will there ever be community copies for this?


sorry for the delay, but i just added them!

this is so cool, thanks so much!!

We played first edition on Hope's Hearth and the way the game shook out developed so much of our universe's lore. We had a Nova who was a clone doing his best, a goat man running from the mandate, an ex pirate caught under the mandate's thumb, and someone who just wanted to stay hidden from the whole system.

It's a fantastic game, and each of us on the podcast have read 2e or played it since playing 1e. Highly recommend this game if you like star wars but want something better than that.

Even the OC-generating system made a great solo gameplay already! I did that on my Twitter thread where I just randomized everyone's OC stats/details & storylines/background by rolling for places + NPCs + pillars (Space Between, Mandate, Scum & Villainy, Liberation) & link them up together somehow! Thank you for making this game.

Just got this as part of the sale, along with the bundle of supplements and loving what I've read so far. Great combination of play books and sets to craft the exact type of game you want and bonus points for accommodating both GM and GMless play.

I was just wondering if the supplements were a one shot deal for the jam or if there is a third party license?


thanks so much! uhhh there's no license you can just make stuff if you want. maybe i should make a license idk lmao


Galactic asks players to consider the relationships between characters, work together to weave an interesting narrative, and engage with the themes of resistance, mysticism, and hope that are at the core of the best Star Wars stories. 

Galactic 2e does an amazing job of simulating classic space opera, and there are a lot of creative supplements from the jam that expand what it’s capable of. This is an easy game to jump into, that has great prompts throughout–I especially like a lot of the locations. Also, lateral moves are a cool addition to Belonging Outside Belonging.

This game is fantastic! My friends and I finally sat down to play it a couple months ago and we're STILL talking and laughing about our session! None of us had ever played a BoB game before but we found the system super intuitive and easy to pick up! Highly recommend!!

omg i'm so glad, thanks so much!!!

will there be a print version? :)

if there is, it’ll be a third edition with the content i didn’t get a chance to finish for this release (and more art etc etc) and it’ll be like, 2 years from now at least

Two years later… 😃


Just played a oneshot of this game and I feel compelled to mention that the Ace's ability to "maneuver an unfamiliar vehicle without trouble" was used to allow the character to leap onto the back of a giant haunted bioluminescent space mole, make a psychic bond with it, and bowl over a bunch of mandate soldiers. Also, all the mandate's ships and large weapons were powered by reactors containing the trapped souls of dead novas. So after we snuck onto the ship and discovered the truth, we breached the reactor and told the ghosts the long lost secret of teleportation we had discovered, allowing us all to escape the "Not Death Star", where the Nova's former mentor who had joined the mandate had us cornered. Because he was so power hungry and unable to trust anyone, when we left him he was trying and failing to teleport, because the secret of teleportation was willingly sharing your power and minds with a group of people. Then the "Not Death Star" blew up, but it was left ambiguous whether he was able to make it out alive.


hi! I just bought this game today and I’m really excited to play it, but I was wondering if you could elaborate on how the token system works? I know that this is run on the belonging outside belonging engine, but since I’m unfamiliar with that I don’t know really what the point of the tokens is. Is there a max/min number of tokens you’re allowed to have at a time? 


Haven't played Galatic, but have played BoB/NDNM games before: generally you gain tokens by making weak (here Vulnerable) moves and can spend them to make your Strong moves. This creates a pacing where you fall short now so you can heroically succeed later. Hope that helps.

Definitely interested!  Is this more a one-shot or could Galactic be campaign length?

in my experience, you can do both!

Hey there, minor technical issue with the Galactic 2e singles pdf. I think you forgot to embed the font used in the headers, as I can't highlight or select them. The playkit pdf works fine, though


firstly, great game! i'm not a huge fan of star wars but i love a whole lot of the pieces that make up its foundation, so the chance to take pieces of it apart is great to me.

second, i'm not entirely sure about lateral moves, and ask for clarification. when a move says "give a token," am i giving another character/pillar one of "my" tokens, or giving them one from the pool/total? 

thank you in advance, and i hope this is legible and makes sense

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Great game... download done... I'm reading...


I'm excited to try this out with some friends! I made a playmat for online token/NPC tracking in Google Slides; feel free to make a copy if it would be useful to you!


I can't wait to play 2e! This is such a great game!!

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Can I suggest you mention in the description that this is a GM-less game?


oh! sorry about the confusion, but it does say that it's a belonging outside belonging game

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I've never heard that term before, so I didn't realise the significance.


Same. Is "belonging outside belonging" a system that I would need to buy, or a theory I would need experience with before I can play this?

"Belonging outside belonging" or BoB is a description of the game engine, kind of like "d20" or "dice pool", but it doesn't use dice or a game master. There's more background at Buried Without Ceremony. Wanderhome is another recent example.

Thanks :)


that doesnt convey much to someone who isnt familiar with that system though!

Hi! i just received galactic as a gift from a friend and i am so excited to play it!! the character options are so excellent!! I'm not really well versed in belonging-outside-belonging games however, and it's not entirely clear, do you start with no tokens (and then gain tokens for making weak moves/interacting with a setting's lure before you can make strong moves?) thanks!!!

omg thank u so much that’s so great to hear!!! in bob the general thing is that u start w no tokens & gain them via lures/weak moves, but i would never use that as a way to be like “no u can’t do that thing actually” u know? i’m p sure i’ve played a game of galactic where the first move i did was getting a “negative token” lmao. imho it’s all about whatever sounds good & moves the story forward.


When I played this game I was looking for an opportunity to be extra, and I was not disappointed. I have a tendency to play very quiet characters, since I am a very quiet person. I was getting frustrated by that, and decided to play a scoundrel lady with very thick eyebrows.

Would lie to my shitty ex girlfriend who stole my ship that we had a chance again to save my friends any day of the week, thank you very much. And she can keep the ship. I've got a new home now.


read this and was like "oh man that sounds a lot like a thing that happened in a playtest i did" and then, i Realized


I facilitated this for a local meetup over the internet, and it was a lovely time!

It was the first time any of them had played a B-O-B game, so the questions & tips were super helpful to inspire fun ideas!!


played this with some friends at all different experience levels with Star Wars content and rpgs (tho nobody had done BoB before). in a four-hour one-shot we made incredible original characters and NPCs, planned and executed a stellar heist, almost got back together with an ex, faked a death to found an alternative to the jedi nova, and resolved to get the disparate rebellion liberation cells united with real solidarity. whatever type of Star Wars galactic story you want to play this game can do it. hope to get a chance to play again soon, would recommend highly

omg this is so great to hear!!!! i'm so glad you liked it!!!!