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galactic is a belonging outside belonging game, inspired by star wars.

tell the character-driven, relationship-focused space opera stories you want to see in the world, using playbook archetypes like THE ACE, THE DEFECTOR, and THE DIPLOMAT, and create a unique and colorful world with setting elements that flesh out different factions and forces in your story.

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Hi! i just received galactic as a gift from a friend and i am so excited to play it!! the character options are so excellent!! I'm not really well versed in belonging-outside-belonging games however, and it's not entirely clear, do you start with no tokens (and then gain tokens for making weak moves/interacting with a setting's lure before you can make strong moves?) thanks!!!

omg thank u so much that’s so great to hear!!! in bob the general thing is that u start w no tokens & gain them via lures/weak moves, but i would never use that as a way to be like “no u can’t do that thing actually” u know? i’m p sure i’ve played a game of galactic where the first move i did was getting a “negative token” lmao. imho it’s all about whatever sounds good & moves the story forward.


When I played this game I was looking for an opportunity to be extra, and I was not disappointed. I have a tendency to play very quiet characters, since I am a very quiet person. I was getting frustrated by that, and decided to play a scoundrel lady with very thick eyebrows.

Would lie to my shitty ex girlfriend who stole my ship that we had a chance again to save my friends any day of the week, thank you very much. And she can keep the ship. I've got a new home now.


read this and was like "oh man that sounds a lot like a thing that happened in a playtest i did" and then, i Realized

I facilitated this for a local meetup over the internet, and it was a lovely time!

It was the first time any of them had played a B-O-B game, so the questions & tips were super helpful to inspire fun ideas!!


played this with some friends at all different experience levels with Star Wars content and rpgs (tho nobody had done BoB before). in a four-hour one-shot we made incredible original characters and NPCs, planned and executed a stellar heist, almost got back together with an ex, faked a death to found an alternative to the jedi nova, and resolved to get the disparate rebellion liberation cells united with real solidarity. whatever type of Star Wars galactic story you want to play this game can do it. hope to get a chance to play again soon, would recommend highly

omg this is so great to hear!!!! i'm so glad you liked it!!!!