update 9/30/19

hey everyone! it's been a long, long time just got a big new update, featuring amazing new cover art by lu @smallpolar_bear as well as some additional content for the game, like a short safety section and guide to playing online! it's also behind a paywall, and i'll add a .txt demo right after i finish typing this up!


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Oct 01, 2019

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hope this isn't weird but i played the first version of this after my friend and i finished up a game of star-crossed wherein the tower never fell so our sad repressed regency lesbians never confessed their feelings and so we decided to play this game as like, a sequel because otherwise we were too sad, and like, 1. this game on its own is so good, i love the questions and how the reunion plays out, 2. this worked so well for us and the story we wanted to tell. our characters had been childhood best friends before they drifted apart in their teen years and then ~reconnected as they became young adults looking for husbands but then they never confessed their feelings so!!! playing this game was so good because we got to flesh out their friendship and talk about their time apart (10 years) and then their reunion and they finally got to tell each other how they felt!!!!! god i'm such a sucker for stories like these, where characters get to meet again, and this game really captured the catharsis in reunions. thanks so much for making this! :)